Private viewing of India Inked! and 'Our Holy Waters and Mine'

‘Our Holy Waters & Mine’ Andil Gosine
Through 12 prints of mason jars, we are confronted with deliberately depersonalized objects, abstractions of archival photos or ship names written on our ancestors’ emigration passes. Mason jars are common household objects, now commodified into “retro cool” - Gosine claims these functional jars (similar to the one his Ahja kept, filled with Ganges holy water), creating a re-labelled meaningful identity that flows from the past, but is also fluid. Although crossing the kala pani has been interpreted as a traumatic rupture, in Gosine’s art, we see the subtleties that extend the personal, interwoven with a transoceanic past. In other words, his work becomes a confrontation—and meditation—with how we can make memory meaningful to each of us.

India Inked! 
Students from Park View School exhibit experimental screen-printed images in response to historical photographs derived from the research work of the AHRC funded ‘Becoming Coolies’ project [Leeds and Edinburgh universities]