"Coolitude" on display in Saatchi Gallery

The private view is being held at The Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London SW3 4RY on 1st February from 6pm - 9pm. 
This fine-bound artists’ book sees ‘Great Little Man’ (who previously appeared in the books: ‘Life in a Box’, ‘Stepping Out of a Box’ and ‘Life Out of a Box’) feature as an anti-hero embarking upon a constantly interrupted journey during which he experiences cleansing and rebirth through acts of resistance and violence as he attempts to move around freely in a savage landscape full of borders and controlling powers. The text is inspired by Danny Flynn’s work with historian Marina Carter and a team of academics from Leeds and Edinburgh Universities on the issues of diaspora, challenging existing assumptions held toward migrants.
The artfully composed text in 12pt Baskerville individual metal type and linocut illustrations appear on concertina pages and were printed using a small hand operated letterpress. The emblematic cover design by Eri Funazaki incorporates a utility tool in the form of a spanner that connotes tightening and security and yet at the same time loosening and coming undone at ones own hand. The cover is bound in red goat skin with letterpress printed back-pared leather onlays depicting the repeated image of the spanner in a fanned out display alongside onlayed lines that have been recessed into the leather. The book is housed in a full leather drop back box, which doubles as a display stand for the book and bronze. Imprinted on the box can be seen the word ‘Coolitude’ a concept, coined by the Mauritian poet Khal Torabully, building on Aime Cesaire’s ‘negritude’, around the universalist declaration that we are all ‘Coolies’. As we arrive at a new place we begin each phase as the ‘other’, the unknown new arrival, someone to be wary of, to be feared, not yet trusted, not yet a familiar.